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Blanchland Post Office         Hexham Abbey
Blanchland Post Office and Hexham Abbey

This cycling circuit visits the stunning countryside of Northumberland around the Tyne Valley.
Starting in Stanhope the route climbs out of Rookhope over Wolfcleugh Common passing ancient lead mining works and into the East Allen valley at Allenheads. Stunning views of the valley as the road follows the main dale road to the old town of Allendale and on through Catton to Hexham.

Hexham is a busy market town in the heart of the Tyne Valley with a beautiful Abbey and England's oldest gaol both well worth a visit.
Leaving Hexham the route follows the road to Corbridge an old Roman town built as a supply town for the troops of Hadrian's Wall. Leaving Corbridge the route passes Dilston Hall following the country lanes to Blanchland one of Northumberland's most interesting villages. The route then skirts Derwent Reservoir to Edmundbyers. The route then climbs over the grouse moors to Crawleyside and Stanhope.

Hexham - Corbridge - Blanchland 57 miles
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Cycle route

2:1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto A689 for 0.5 mi
2:2 At (2), bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Local road (s) (3) to Rookhope (4) (Lintzgarth Arch)
2:3 Continue over climb of Wolfcleugh Common to Allenheads (5)
2:4 At Allenheads follow the valley road to Allendale (6) In Allendale take B 6295 road to Catton and Hexham
2:5 At (7) turn LEFT (North) onto Causey Hill Road
2:6 Descend into Hexham town (8) (Hexham Abbey)
2:7 Leaving Hexham (Hexham Gaol) take A695 road to Corbridge (9)
2:8 Leaving the town of Corbridge take B6321 road to Dilston & Blanchland (Dilston Hall)
2:9 At Dilston Take B6307 road to Slaley and Blanchland via (Strothers Bank)
2:10 In Blanchland (10) (Blanchland Abbey) take B6306 to Ruffside (Derwent Reservoir) and Edmundbyers
2:11 Leaving Edmundbyers take B6278 (Hisehope Head) to Crawleyside Bank (11) and Stanhope (12)



Elevation Profile: Hexham, Corbridge & Blanchland total gain 6834 ft

The Hills

Wolfcleugh Common
Height 1745 ft
Length approx 5 miles
Steepest section 1 in 10
Starting from the arch at Lintzgarth the hill climbs gradually up past the redundant lead mine on Wolfcleugh Common.
A long climb but not difficult wonderful views of the Rookhope valley.

Strothers Bank
Height approx 1200 ft
Steepest section 1 in 7
Starting from Hexham the road climbs to a steep 1 in 7 section at Linnets then climbs gradually for several miles past Slaley Forest to the peak at High Acton Mill

Hisehope Head
Height 1800 ft
Length approx 3 miles
Steepest section 1 in 8
Leaving Edmundbyers the road climbs over Muggleswick Common on a long straight road to the top of Hisehope Head.
Climbing into the prevailing west winds can make this a long and arduous climb that seems to go on for ever. Very exposed in poor conditions although the gradient is not steep the wind can make this a difficult climb.


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