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  • Cycle rides in the North Pennines designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Etape Pennines training rides.
  • Cycle route in the Allendale valleys
  • Cycle rout around Alston in the North Pennines
  • Cycle ride in the historical Blanchland area of County Durtham
  • Cycle route over Bollihope Common
  • Cycle route in Teesdale taking in Barnard Castle
  • Cycle route taking in Weardale and Teesdale.
  • Training ride for the Etape Pennines & Virgin Money Cyclone 2013
  • Cycle ride in Tynedale
  • Cycling in the Tyne Valley & Northumberland.
  • Cycling in the undiscovered Weardale lanes.
  • Cycle route in the Wear and Rookhope Valleys.
  • History and information of the Weardale, Teesdale & Tynedale areas of the North Pennines
  • Cycling information for Hexham & Corbridge
  • Cycle ride in the upper tees valley and lower Teesdale
  • Tourist guide to Weardale County Durham
  • Dave King AKA Papa King cycing routes in the North Pennines
  • Saturday Morning Cafe Ride cycling group, meeting in Darlington for a social training ride.
  • V C Briganti Cycling Team
  • Cyclist friendly cafe's and tea rooms in the North Pennines
  • Cyclists blog page on rides in the North Pennines
  • Cycling shops in the north penniness offering repair facilities
  • Cyclist abuse, re-educate the motorist
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  • Contact Dave King at North Pennines Cycling
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Chatterbox Cafe

Chatterbox Cafe

St Johns Chapel

Cycling cafe, an essential stop in Weardale

Virgin Money Cyclone

The ultimate Northumberland challenge

Open For Entries

Earth Wind & Tyre

June 9th 2018

Road Cycling (2 day event)

Durham to Edinburgh

Open for entries


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Beware falling sheep!


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